O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop with 2 Extra Refills

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop with 2 Extra Refills


  • Removes over 99% of bacteria with just water*
  • Head flips 180 degrees – cleans 2.5 times more surface area
  • Microfiber pad grabs dirt and won’t just push it around
  • Eco-friendly machine washable microfiber pad
  • Works great for hardwood flooring, as well as linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble and stone surfaces

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Make cleaning easier! O-Cedar’s double-sided microfiber spray mop delivers a better clean—not only because it saves cleaning time when compared to the leading spray mop but it removes over 99% of bacteria* with just water. The ProMist® MAX is a better and faster way to truly clean your floors!

The large head flips 180°, meaning you can clean your floors fast without having to change the pad. No need to stop until the job is done. The microfiber pad grabs dust and dirt so no mess is left behind. Whether you have hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble or stone, the ProMist MAX is safe to use on all hard floor surfaces.

You no longer need to purchase expensive, chemical-based cleaning solutions. Make your own instead. It’s easy. Just fill the bottle with water and add two teaspoons of vinegar or your cleaner of choice. That’s it! The mop pad is reusable and 100% washable, saving you money. Just detach the pad from the mop head and machine wash on warm, then lay flat to dry.

*Removes over 99% of E.coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at a 3rd party lab.

Additional information

Brand Name


Extra Refill


Absorbent microfiber

Yes 30% more


Machine washable

Microfiber pad

Is two sided for cleaning more without stopping


Cleans with just water or use your own solution


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