O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom

O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom


  • Maxi-Lok technology and anti-rotation socket
  • Sturdy inner bristles and soft outer bristles
  • Bristles and broom block made of 80% recycled material
  • Great for sidewalks, decks garages and other outdoor surfaces

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Get a deep clean with the O-Cedar® Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom. Suitable for tackling everything from leaves on the patio to wet debris in the garage, it makes an ideal addition to your cleaning supplies.

What’s special about the O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom?

Designed with Maxi-Lok® technology, this multi-surface push broom is suitable for different cleaning tasks. Its head features a combination of soft-outer bristles that pick up smaller, fine particles and sturdy inner bristles for larger debris, so you can sweep pine needles, gravels and more. Resistant to mildew, warping or cracking, the bristles retain their shape for long-lasting performance. The push broom also boasts a plastic block for heavy-duty all-weather performance.

Versatile Use

Get the job done in almost no time. Easy to assemble in minutes, the O-Cedar Professional push broom is suitable for cleaning different outdoor spaces, including sidewalks, garages and decks. The bristles provide just the right amount of flexibility needed for reaching tough corners. The push broom also features a unique anti-rotation socket that helps keep the broom head firmly in place until the job is completed.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Design

Keep your space clean while protecting the planet. An eco-friendly option, the push broom features bristles and a broom block made of 80 percent recycled parts. It’s wide 24″ sweeping width allows you to cover more space with each push, so you get the job done in quicker time.

Is the O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom Suitable for Indoor Use?

The O-Cedar Professional multi-surface broom is suitable for use with almost any hard surface, including tile, cement and marble. In addition to its outdoor brooms, O-Cedar offers a collection of indoor brooms that are suitable for carpets and other indoor surfaces.

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This push broom model works great for garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces


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