O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop Refills (4 pk.)

O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop Refills (4 pk.)


  • Uses microfibers to attract dirt, dust, hair and more
  • Works great for hardwood floors, linoleum, tile and more
  • An eco-friendly alternative to other convenient mopping solutions
  • Machine washable up to 100x
  • O-Cedar mop refill

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Keep your floors incredibly clean and shiny the easy way by having plenty of O-Cedar® Dual-Action Flip Mop Refills (4 pk.) on hand. This four-pack of O-Cedar mop refills fit the popular O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop handle and may be all you need to enjoy years of simply-clean floors.

About O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop Refills

This box contains four O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop refill pads, pads made from microfiber that easily attract and trap hair, dirt and other debris and mop up messes all in one mop head. That’s right – these mop heads serve both as a sweeper and mop, with the one side made from rugged chenille that picks up dirt and grime from the surface of hard floors and the other side serving as a mop head with durable and rugged scrubbing strips. Use the chenille side to dust and then flip the mop head without bending over or touching the mop head when it’s time to mop! You can pair it with your favorite floor cleaner and have squeaky clean and sparkling floors in no time!

Who Needs These O-Cedar Microfiber Mop Refills?

Anyone who is looking for a convenient and non-wasteful solution to cleaning their floors! The O-Cedar Flip Mop is a staple in homes across the country, being the easy way to sweep up floor dirt, pet hair and other debris and mopping up kitchen or bathroom spills with just the flick of the wrist. Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, the O-Cedar Flip Mop system’s also a popular sweeping and mopping choice used to clean businesses and other public spaces. Oh and when you’re O-Cedar mop refill pad is used and dirty, you don’t have to throw it away! Just toss it in the washer and it can be reused time and again, with up to 100 uses per mop head. Talk about efficiency!

Are O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop Refills Convenient?

Yes! As part of the O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip-Mop cleaning system, these mop head refills are incredibly convenient. They serve as both your home or businesses broom as well as its mop, all in one product. They’re also cost effective on top of efficient. And unlike other popular mop systems that have you attaching, using and tossing away countless paper mop pads, these can be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again. These pads easily remove even deep-down embedded dirt and offer twice the cleaning power of others, making the O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip-Mop a smart choice in residences and commercial settings.

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Yes, Machine washable up to 100X

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Works great for hardwood floors, linoleum, tile and more


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