Microfiber Towels (36 pk., 4 colors)

Microfiber Towels (36 pk., 4 colors)


These sturdy microfiber towels feature a polyester/polyamide blend that can be used to dry, clean or shine delicate surfaces that are too sensitive for scratchy paper towels.

  • Clean, dry and shine with microfiber towels
  • Microfiber Towels, Assorted Colors (36 ct.)
  • Ideal for restaurants, office, cars, boats, RV’s, bikes, home, janitorial
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Color availability varies by club location: blue, yellow, green and orange

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Get delicate surfaces drier with these Microfiber Towels, Assorted Colors (36 ct.). These towels are great for all kinds of applications from commercial to retail to culinary and beyond.

What Are Microfiber Towels Made Of?

Microfiber is a special material that is over 100x finer than a single human hair. Each one of these special microfiber towels has over 90,000 microfibers packed into a single square inch. This extra fine texture makes it an exceptional material for all kinds of cleaning. The smaller fibers prevent any kind of scratching or abrasion that might otherwise occur with vigorous scrubbing or wiping.

What Kind Of Materials Can I Use A Microfiber Cloth On?

You can use microfiber towels on any surface you want, but it is particularly suited to surfaces that require a sensitive touch. In a professional kitchen, for example, stainless steel appliances and counters can get scratched up over time if wiped with a coarse cloth. Microfiber towels, on the other hand, with leave them looking silky and shiny. Microfiber towels are also great for use on vehicles. Obviously, you don’t want to run the risk of scratching up your car, boat or RV every time you wash it. Many people use T-shirts, but microfiber towels represent a much better alternative.

What Colors Are In This Variety Pack Of Microfiber Towels?

The Microfiber Towels come in a variety of different colors that you can use for different purposes. These high quality microfiber towels are available in yellow, orange, blue and green. Having multiple colors is more than just an aesthetic choice. You can dedicate each color to a specific task so you don’t accidentally use a microfiber towel in the kitchen that you have previously used in the garage.


Additional information

Brand Name

Microfiber Towels

Each microfiber towel measures:

16" x 16" (40 cm x 40 cm)

Cleaning Type

Ideal for restaurants, office, cars, boats, RV's, bikes, home, janitorial


Green, Light-Blue, Orange, Yellow


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