Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen meter SpO2 Heart Rate Monitor Saturation FDA

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen meter SpO2 Heart Rate Monitor Saturation FDA

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Finger pulse oximeter is an economical and accurate method to detect pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation by finger. It also displays the volume waveform diagram, ensuring accuracy. The unique PI index effectively reflects the pulsating blood flow. 130R blood oxygen has a respiratory frequency monitoring function, 131R blood oxygen has a sleep monitoring up to 8 hours of data storage and data analysis functions, self-adjusting finger clips and a simple one-click The design is easy to operate. The 5-level brightness of the screen is adjustable and the volume is small, so it is easy to carry. Suitable for daily use, measuring your health at any time

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1. Display parameters: blood oxygen SPO2 value, pulse PR value, blood oxygen bar graph, pulse waveform graph, PI (perfusion index), respiratory rate monitoring parameter (130R), sleep monitoring parameter (131R)

2. Display screen: The product adopts blue and yellow OLED screen display, 5 levels of brightness adjustable

3. Display mode: four directions, six display modes

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The product has low power consumption, and the two AAA batteries can be used continuously for more than 40 hours5. Voltage warning: when the battery voltage is too low may affect normal use, there is a low voltage warning prompt.

6. Automatic shutdown: When no signal is generated, the product will automatically shut down after 8 seconds.

7. Advantages: Set blood oxygen probe and processing display module in one, simple product use, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to carry

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Finger Pulse Oximeter





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CE Certified.
Valid from 2019-08-19 until 2049-12-31
FCC Certified.
Valid from 2019-08-19 until 2049-12-31
RoHS Certified.
Valid from 2019-08-19 until 2049-12-31


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4 reviews for Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen meter SpO2 Heart Rate Monitor Saturation FDA

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ellena C

    Item as advertised, arrived early. For our personal use. I have no way of assessing the accuracy of the reading however I decided to use it daily on both my husband and myself while healthy to establish a baseline. So far so good, it seems to reflect reality.
    Should either of us get any type of respiratory illness. I expect it will show an “accurate enough” 02 reading which – along with other symptoms – would help us decide a future course of action.
    I bought this because my spouse has asthma and is at risk for other respiratory illnesses. Would recommend it to others dealing with the same concerns

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lilly C

    I like the accurate measurement of pulse rate along with oxygenation level when I exercise in the context of lung

  3. 5 out of 5

    Benjamin Z

    This is very good Oximeter I use for my new Born works great

  4. 5 out of 5


    I have sleep apnea, so it is VERY important to know my O2 level and pulse rate upon waking. I record my O2 level, Pulse rate and blood pressure EVERY morning. This Oximeter MATCHES the pulse rate on my wrist blood pressure cuff, We the new “Tele-visits” with my Doctors, I can take the readings in front of them on the screen, and they match. My pacemaker sends a report, so that is another level of measurement.

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